Essay about Study Of Medicine And The Medical Field

Essay about Study Of Medicine And The Medical Field

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Most people these days hate going to the doctor office because of all of the needles, fancy equipment and cold rooms. But I’m not like most people I love going to the doctor and I have always loved going even when I was little, every year I look forward to my yearly physical. I’ve never been scared to go to the doctor because I always knew if I was feeling bad they can always make me feel better. My motivation to pursue the study of medicine and apply to JAMP I would have to give all the credit to my mother, my Pediatrician and my high school experiences in my health science classes.
The reason why I say that my mother have a big part in why I want to go in the medical field when I get older and be a part of JAMP is because she’s in the medical field herself. My mother is a Licensed Vocational Nurse and had been practicing in the medical field for at least twenty years. As a child, everyone always looks up to their parents and I was no different. Every day when my mom came home from work I would always ask her how was her day and what happened at work. When she would tell be about ...

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