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The Study of Judaism Essay

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Judaism has most interested me, because of the respect I have for the history of the Jewish people and their ability to beat all odds. The perception of God in Judaism is monotheistic; in 2012 the world's Jewish population was estimated to be 13.75 million-according to Professor Sergio Della Pergola (2012) a Hebrew University demographics expert; that means an estimated 13.75 million Jews followed the tradition/religion of Judaism. The ultimate reality in Judaism is God; The Jews view God as eternal- the ultimate creator of the universe, and the source of righteousness. God has the power to intervene in the lives of the Jews. God has been called upon throughout Hebrew biblical history in many different names (ex. Elohim,YHWH), although all names reference the same God.

The members of Judaism make contact with the divine through the sacred text. The sacred texts are written as Torah, Tenakh and Talmud; all texts were written and used by the Jews to help them follow a given set of rules. For example, the Jews follow six hundred and thirteen Mitzvot(commandments) on a daily basis. Each sacred text is considered important text from God and have been taught in temples throughout the world.

God gave the Mitzvot (commandments) to the Jewish people in the Torah. The Mitzvot is the main sacred text of the Jews; it discusses a multitude of daily life rules and regulations, that reference the Bible: Torah (ex. To honor the old and the wise (Lev. 19:32) , Signs and Symbols (ex.To circumcise the male offspring (Gen. 17:12; Lev. 12:3) , Prayer and Blessings (ex. To read the Shema in the morning and at night (Deut. 6:7) , Love and Brotherhood (ex. Not to cherish hatred in one's heart (Lev. 19:17) , The Poor and Unfortunate (ex. To leave the...

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...pears the Jews believe God resembles a person more than a supreme being; let me elaborate, the Jews have a personal relationship with God. They believe God cares about humanity in the same manner humans care about God. Throughout history, other religions may have taught people to fear God, in the Judaism religion, it appears they do not fear God, they look to God as a friend.

The Jews are known as the "People of the Book." Almost the entire Old Testament was written in Hebrew. Although the Jewish population is incredibly small considering the world's total population, the Jews continue to believe in their God. Their God has helped them throughout their incredible span of history, ranging from poverty in Ancient Rome, enslavement in Ancient Egypt to annihilation in the Holocaust. The Jews have triumphed over immeasurable odds and still maintain their faith in God.

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