Study of Increasig the Number of Students to Class Timetables

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INTRODUCTION BACKGROUND STUDY During the research studies, I have observed some problem which is involves in KPTM KL. It is not only occur among the students, however the problem also faced by the staffs including lecturers. After I considered all the problems involving, I am so attractive to studies on the implication of increasing number of students to their class timetables. To start this, firstly I need to find the past research which is related to my studies and try to use it to guide me as long as my research is running. Therefore, I have chosen the review from Massachusetts 2020 which is studies on the effects of longer classes on learning. During my studies, I want to focus this research among the degree level students in KPTM KL. Just now, there are 673 students that are registered in this college. However, I will choose only 100 of them as my respondent to ensure my research is running well as I planned. For your information, most of the student in KPTM KL faced this problem every semester. With the combination between degree students and diploma students, the college becomes compact because they need to share the same building every time they come to college. In another word, all the facilities provided need to be sharing by all of them. So this makes the college become crowded especially in the classroom, cafeteria, library, and computer laboratory. As a result, the management of KPTM KL have faced the problem on the arrangement of class timetable among all students and lecturer. They need to ensure that all students and lecturer will fit the timetable and no clash between them will occur. In addition, they also need to consider the different level of students according to their courses, subjects, and section. So in ... ... middle of paper ... ...ies and to make sure all the information and data always related to the research. REFFERENCE JOURNAL 1. (“Effectiveness, inequality and ethos in three English schools”, Laura C. Engel, John Holford, Helena Pimlott-Wilson) 2. (“Guidelines for Writing Research Propoals and Disertations”, Dr. Mark A.Baron. Division of Educational Administration, University of South Dakota) 3. (“RESEARCH DIGEST: The Effects of Longer Classes on Learning”, Massachusetts 2020) 4. (“The effects of absence from class on student performance”, Wiji Arulampalam, Robin A. Naylor and Jeremy Smith, The University of Warwick) WEBSITES 1. (Factors that Impact on Timetable Construction, University of Melbourne, 23/12/2013/ 12:58 AM)

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