Study in United States and Pursue a Major Essay

Study in United States and Pursue a Major Essay

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Study in us and pursue the major?
Studying in US is like living one's dream. American education is known its worldwide reputation of commitment to excellence. The students who learn under the expert trained faculty with years of experience. Quality education is increasing year after year and the degrees that students attained in the US are not just widely recognized and accepted, but also widely respected around the world. This adds cherry on the cake. In US they offer flexible courses according the interests. The student can specialize in his/her choice of field without taking unnecessary classes. Availability of financial aid for international students to opt for higher education in the US. Plenty of job opportunities for the students who hold the master’s degree in specialized field. As there are many international students, exciting cultural exchange and international diversity will certainly enrich our life both personally and academically. While studying for master’s degree, students often tends to do research in the interested field.
Pursuing CS as major will get me to next level towards my aim. Following positions for employment for CS expert are IT Consultant/analyst, Software Programmer/Designer, Web Application Developer, and Network Administrator. Master’s degree will teach us various skills (technical as well as cultural). As with any degree, you end up learning a lot more than tech skills, and studying in the US is an experience on its own. The labs are equipped with the latest technology and will help students in achieving the advanced training. A master’s degree in Computer Science from the USA helps students to get in multinational companies. It also encourages students towards the research in their field of ...

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...e university and Expectations from university: Giving 100% to whatever the university expects in technical as well as cultural field. Therefore, will help university in whatever way possible from my side. Treat other students and all staff respectfully and giving and taking help from them when required. Staffs and faculty helping the students every way possible for them. Encouraging students for more to research and giving them ample amount information about the work given to students.
• To become an engineer who is expert in computer security and live successful career. And well-behaved human being.
• To make robust security system to keep hackers away from hacking a system.
• To be at most prominent place in the Big MNC’s like Google, Facebook, yahoo, IBM, etc.
As the university is known for its courses, this will help me in achieving the goals.

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