Study At My Grocery Store Shop Rite Essay

Study At My Grocery Store Shop Rite Essay

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For my ethnography project I chose to study at my grocery store shop rite. I had a hard picking a day and time to do my study because some day’s the store is busy and other day’s not so much. On Saturday, March 26 at one o’clock pm, I found myself walking into my local supermarket shop rite. I chose shop rite to do my ethnography project because it was easy from since I work there and I didn 't have to go out my way somewhere else to do this project. But this is the first time i’m walking in to this supermarket with a different mindset, openminded, attitude, and a fresh perspective on my surrounding that i haven 't see before.

Before I stepped in to the supermarket my main objective was how customer interact with each other and how they interact with me as a cashier. Before I talk about what went down in shop rite let me take you back to the parking lot. The parking lot was packed with so many cars and people talking middle of the parking lot. I fanailly found a parking spot, got out of my car and started running to the store. As I was running to the store I saw a car accident happen right front of my face. I went over and asked the young and the old gentilment if they were ok. Both relied “OK” but the older gentilment looked and angry and pissed about what just happened. He stared yelling at the younger gentilment. I was surprised because he seemed like nice person but I was wrong about that. As he was yelling that the younger guy I called the 911 and told the officer what happened and where it happened. At this point i’m already five minute late to work. So I told the guys that I called the police and he would be on this way and ran went to work.

I stepped in the shop rite and it felt like I was in a zoo. There were so man...

... middle of paper ...

...irst”. Once the argument was done I was able to finish her and the other lady with there oder. After that nothing really exciting happened. Costumers came and I rang them up and they left.

After my shift ended, I went to my car and just contemplated the events that look place in the store and outside of the store. My conclusion is people act different in certain situation. When I take look long with an costumer then other costumes will get mad and angry. But some times they are so impatient and they over react. I also seen racism in the store for sure. People still has racism mentality but I try not to let that bother me, but something it can get in my head. More of the the what I realized that costumer are nice to you and to other, but there are certine one that are in a bad mood not because of you because of what happened or what is happening in there life.

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