Study And Review Existing Theories And Literature Essay

Study And Review Existing Theories And Literature Essay

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The aim of this chapter is to study and review existing theories and literature related to this research. The purpose is to bring together the theoretical literature to make a strong study background together with data that had been collected for this research. There is a growing body of literature on the influence that cultural diversity has on project performance but research is sadly lacking on the definition of what constitutes cultural diversity, units of measure and dependable variables. The articles, books, existing research on diversity and documents from internet were the main sources to collect related data. This chapter starts with the discussion of the concept of diversity. Afterward, workforce diversity, dimension of diversity, cultural diversity and intercultural communication have been discussed. All of these topics are related to this research aim.
“The concept of work-force diversity is no longer an abstraction; it is part of everyday life in many countries in the developed world.” (SHRM, 2009)
2.1 Diversity
Diversity in leadership and throughout organizational structures is an essential requirement in the current competitive global economy. Diversity in the workplace promotes stronger social and interpersonal development skills among employees of diverse backgrounds influencing one another. Such skills can be consciously invested in the development of talent and productivity in a bias free healthy working environment. The new global economy is fuelled by free trade agreements as well as the new developments in the field of technology. This is fast changing the rules of workplaces giving them a facelift and a new makeover. This is why the new generation workforce is witnessing a pool of global ta...

... middle of paper ..., child brides, human sacrifice, etc. Cultural diversity is tricky to quantify, but a good indication is thought to be a count of the number of languages spoken in a region or in the world as a whole. By this measure, there are signs that we may be going through a period of precipitous decline in the world 's cultural diversity. Research carried out in the 1990s by David Crystal (Honorary Professor of Linguistics at the University of Wales, Bangor) suggested that at that time, on average, one language was falling into disuse every two weeks. He calculated that if that rate of language death were to continue, then by the year 2100 more than 90% of the languages currently spoken in the world will have gone extinct. Overpopulation, immigration and imperialism (of both the militaristic and cultural kind) are reasons that have been suggested to explain any such decline.

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