The Studio Recording Of Charlie Parker With Strings Essay

The Studio Recording Of Charlie Parker With Strings Essay

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The CD I’m going to review is the studio recording of the Charlie Parker with Strings. Charlie Parker, also named “Bird”, is a highly influential jazz musicians, who was featured by fast tempo, sensitive and exquisite timbre, as well as advanced harmonies. Charlie Parker with Strings is a compilation album by Parker. The following is a list of the instruments and corresponding players: Charlie Parker on alto saxophone; Mitch Miller on oboe; Bronislaw Gimpel, Max Hollander, Milton Lomask on violins; Frank Brieff on viola; Frank Miller on cello; Myor Rosen on harp; Stan Freeman on piano; Ray Brown on bass; Buddy Rich on drums; Jimmy Carroll as arranger and conductor. The song I want to review is Just Friends, which was the masterpiece of Charlie Parker. It was a song for his doctor who treated him in his final days. The song started with the soothing harp and string, then the alto saxophone played by Parker entering and catching the attention. The united play of strings and alto saxophone ran through the play perfectly, creating a relaxed and melodious feeling. The improvisation could be heard from the Parker’s accessible and flexible solo. The rhythm section was the piano, bass and drum. Bass and drum almost played throughout the whole play and the piano was usually played with discontinuous notes. The form of Pocker’s song was always 12-bar blues, and the same with this one.
This song reflected the great combination of the classical music and jazz. Parker was known for mixing the instruments of these two kinds of music. The collision of elegant classical music and improvised jazz music produced fantastic results. That was the purpose of Parker, to bridge the gap between the classical and jazz music. This a little bit weird colle...

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...behind the solo created a harmonious swing feeling. The drummer slowed down the beat obviously. This song was lighter and more harmonious compared with The Straight Life. I also like Mercy Mercy Mercy, The Chicken. Both the performance mode and rhythm of this song was more modern and dynamic. The majority of the players were active during the whole song. The mellow saxophone solo by a female player led the melody of the song. The two types of drums always severed as the rhythm section, and one was the common one and the other was the tambourine. This was the first time I saw the tambourine serving as an instrument on the spot and I think it was interesting and its sound was very deep. This live concert offered me fresh and amazing experiences, and promoted a further understanding of the jazz music.

Parker, Charlie. Charlie Parker with Strings, Verve, 1995. #523984

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