Students With Special Needs

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Currently, individuals with mental and physical disabilities ever more add to varied populations at higher education institutions. In 1978, the amount of full-time freshmen with disabilities was 2.6 percent, but as of 1998, the amount of individuals with disabilities has risen to 9 percent. The fastest growing and most common classification of disability, learning disability, was reported by freshmen was 41 percent in 1998 (Education Encyclopedia, 2010). Institutions of higher education acknowledge that a considerable portion of the students may experience difficulties that meet the criteria as learning disabilities, and the collection of collaboration services recommended to such individuals is rising. Aid range from counseling programs to modifications such as tapes of instructions or expanded time on tests (Fiske, 2009). According to Hutton (2010), learning disabilities are looked upon as a collection of syndromes that influences an individual’s capability to gain knowledge at an expected rate. Students with disabilities have difficulty receiving, processing or communicating information. It is important to work with those individuals to ascertain and assist their ability to function on a variety of levels. Categories of learning disabilities include the following: • Auditory- trouble understanding information gained through listening • Physical-trouble with motor dexterity and spatial associations. Dyspraxia is a general type. • Numerical-trouble with amount, worth, instance, succession and other mathematical theories. Dyscalculia is a general class. • Verbal-trouble reading in areas of word detection, interpretation or conception, whichever wordlessly or audibly. Dyslexia is an example. • Written-trouble with w... ... middle of paper ... ...commodation they afford (Thomas, 2000). Individuals with disabilities are increasingly entering various types of institutions of higher learning and profiting from this experience. Many institutions provide assistance to aid in achievement for their students with documented disabilities. Reference Education Encyclopedia. (2010). College students with disabilities: Special learning needs. Retrieved from learning-needs?sms_ss=email Fiske, E. B. (2009). Fiske guide to colleges 2009. Naperville, IL. Sourcebooks, Inc. Hutton, J. (2010). Learning disabilities defined. Retrieved from Thomas, S. B. (2000). College students and disability law. Retrieved from
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