Students With Moderate And Severe Disabilities Essay

Students With Moderate And Severe Disabilities Essay

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This course has greatly enhanced my knowledge on students with moderate and severe disabilities. Personally, coming into this course I did not know what to expect. I have never had experience with children with moderate and/or severe intellectual disabilities. I also did not know too much about the conditions because we never covered too much about it in any of my classes. Throughout the course I was able to gain more knowledge about the different types of disabilities there are, the types of testing that occur, and how to implement different services to different children.
Like I said, I did not know what to expect coming into this course. I did not know anything about children with moderate and/or severe disabilities. I was excited and eager to learn, because I know at one point in my educational career I will need to work with students with these disabilities at some point. Some of the things that really stuck out to me from learning over the course is that no matter how severe their disabilities are, they are people too that have dreams, desires, wants and needs just like us. Even if they cannot communicate verbally it is so important to learn from the students their facial expressions and their body language to communicate. Through these types of communications you can learn how humorous, stubborn, or kind hearted a student may be. They are all unique and not one student is the same, or needs the same things as another student does. This really opened up my eyes to the need for least restrictive environment and meeting the needs of every student. What really stuck out to me was watching the videos of the students that were being tested and taught to do certain tasks. I enjoyed learning through the videos we watched, how to ...

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...alizing that inclusion is excellent for every single student. I now believe that inclusion should be implemented for every student as some point, but students really need to be monitored to see if its working for them or not. The students also have the voice to say how they feel about it and as teachers we should listen to them.
Overall, this class has really opened my eyes to many different aspects of special education. I was able to explore the needs of students with moderate to severe disabilities and see the entire spectrum of special education. I was able to learn what I believe about inclusion and also see every single student as their own individual person. I have a new found heart for children with moderate to severe disabilities. After taking this class I honestly believe I will be more prepared to work with students that have these types of disabilities.

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