Students With Low Working Memory And Intelligence Essay

Students With Low Working Memory And Intelligence Essay

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As students fall behind in school, researchers scramble to find ways to increase intelligence. Individuals’ differences in academic achievement have been linked to differences in intelligence. Students with higher mental ability tend to achieve higher in academic settings and in future career choices (Martinez, 2009). In addition to intelligence, working memory seems to play a significant role in determining learning at all ages (Alloway, Gathercole, Adams, & Willis, Eaglen, & Lamont, 2005). Poor working memory is generally observed in children with educational difficulties. Children with low working memory generally struggle in meeting standards in math and reading and are at greater risk for future academic failures (Holmes & Gathercole, 2013). Due to the significance to education, numerous recent studies have investigated how working memory and intelligence can improve student’s ability to learn. A recent study by Jaeggi and colleagues (2008) investigated whether working memory could improve intelligence.

Intelligence is on of the most widely studied aspects of human beings. Various definitions of intelligence have been put forth by scholars and researchers since the turn of the twentieth century. In each definition, several key aspects are explained such as fluid and crystallized intelligence. Crystalized intelligence is the ability to use skills, knowledge, and experience to solve problems (Martinez, 2009). On the other hand, fluid intelligence is the ability to solve novel problems through logical thought (Martinez, 2009). Fluid intelligence is necessary for problem solving through inductive and deductive reasoning. This intelligence is composed of many factors; one of them is thought to be working memor...

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...rtinez, 2009, pp. 350). Although our readings did not directly support the popular press article or research based article, interweave concepts raised that were similar and supportive of the theoretical underpinnings of their theory and findings.

In conclusion, the New Yorks Times popular press article present by the award winning scientific journalist, Dan Hurley, takes an in-depth analysis of working memory as a means to improving fluid intelligence. The journalist, Dan Hurley presents both sides of the topic and includes amplitudes of supporting research. The current affects of the research and article is an increase knowledge of the revaluating findings that have generate additional research. Jaeggi and colleagues (2008) hope their findings will be applicable in assisting children that are struggling in academics through increasing their fluid knowledge.

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