Essay on The Students With Hearing Impairments

Essay on The Students With Hearing Impairments

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Each of the above learning resources are to be used in a diverse third grade classroom. These resources have many benefits of being used in the classroom, but as a teacher it is our duty to determine if each of these resources can be used amongst our diverse learners.
Podcast: Jellyfish: How and Why do They Sting?
The first learning resource is a podcast performed by Minnesota Public Radio. This podcast is one that will be listened to on some sort of audio device and explains to students the jellyfish and its life cycle and protection methods (Minnesota Public Radio, 2015). This resource would work well for a third grade classroom amongst a wide variety of learners especially those who are visually impaired. However, students with hearing impairments may not benefit from this type of learning resource at all. As a teacher it is important to judge learning resources and how they will help learners with a wide array of learning styles and disabilities. This podcast works well for the majority of a diverse classroom and can easily be modified to help those who may not be able to hear a podcast. For students who are in an early childhood stage of development, learning disabled, gifted and talented, visually impaired, behaviorally challenged, or English language learners this podcast is formatted in a way that will interest them and will encourage those students to think and form a mental image of what is being said. This podcast will garner the attention of students and will encourage learning amongst all students.
YouTube Video: Elapsed Time Third Grade
This YouTube video entitled Elapsed Time Third Grade is a learning resource that demonstrates to students the concept of elapsed time (Math & Learning Videos 4 Kids, 2014). It all...

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...oups of learners. These professional which will interact and teach lessons directly to a third grade classroom has knowledge that a wide variety of learners will be present and they will change their instruction to do so. An example of learning group in a diverse classroom that will benefit from live interaction will be English language learners. This gives English language learners a change to speak and respond in their new language. Gifted and talented learners will benefit because it will allow them to use higher order thinking skills in a much more real life environment. This live virtual program is the most successful learning resource because it can include and educate all learners in the classroom.

Learning resources play a major role in every classroom, and as a teacher it is our responsibility to make sure these resources are appropriate for all students.

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