Students With Emotional And Behavioral Disorders Essay

Students With Emotional And Behavioral Disorders Essay

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The school setup is designed to offer instructional programs which promote the educational achievement of each student, thereby shaping citizens who can make a positive contribution to the society. However, working towards promoting a successful experience for students with emotional and behavioral disorders can prove to be quite challenging. This is due to the need for cohesive and multi-faceted programs which can ensure that multiple needs are met effectively. In an effort to manage and find better ways of dealing with emotional and behavioral disorders in students, various scholars and other professionals have conducted research and come up with articles that highlight assessment approaches and manners of intervention and prevention in various settings. This paper gives a summary of such articles with the aim of analyzing their impact towards improving on teaching skills.
Savard, A., Joussemet, M., Emond Pelletier, J., & Mageau, G. A. (2013). The benefits of
autonomy support for adolescents with severe emotional and behavioral problems. Motivation and Emotion, 37(4), 688-700. doi:
This article dwells on the benefits of autonomy support in the educational setup as well as within the clinical populations. The study in the article is about an investigation on interpersonal style of autonomy support and its benefits. The participants in the study are adolescent girls confined within a social rehabilitation center as a result of extreme behavioral and emotional problems.
In the study, an experimental design is setup to compare the effect of learning an important yet tiresome workshop without or with autonomy support on experiential and internalization outcomes. The results based on...

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...osed as necessary requirements. In general, the article emphasizes on actions that are required of the teaching staff in the UK as far as supporting EBD students are concerned.
The articles above contain vital insight on various settings and cases based on actual studies that focus on students with emotional and behavioral disabilities. In each scenario represented, the authors make relevant conclusions based on controlled results with the aim of making improvements on assessment approaches and manners of intervention and prevention. The insight gotten from these articles are quite informative. The knowledge acquired from the articles will help me add to my teaching skills when dealing with EBD students in various scenarios. For further assessment, I will also be able to test the theories mentioned for my own development in an effort to sharpen my skills.

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