Essay on Students with Emotional and Behavioral Disorder (EBD)

Essay on Students with Emotional and Behavioral Disorder (EBD)

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Students with emotional and behavioral disorder (EBD) exhibit various characteristics relevant to their identified diagnosis. The primary characteristic of students with EBD is problem behaviors are displayed at school, home, community, and other social settings. These problem behaviors are described professionally as externalizing and internalizing behaviors that students with EBD often engage in regularly. Externalizing behaviors are described as acting-out behaviors that are aggressive and/or disruptive that is observable as behaviors directed towards others. Internalizing behaviors are behaviors that are construed as acting-in behaviors such as anxiety, fearfulness, withdrawal, and other indications of an individual's mood or internal condition. The purpose of this paper is to compare and contrast the characteristics associated with internalized and externalized behaviors.
Externalizing and internalizing behaviors of students with EBD have numerous comparisons, beginning with the display of both dimensions in individual students. Many students may show behavior characteristics of both externalized and internalized nature as neither is exclusive to problem behaviors exhibited by those with the condition. Comorbidity is not unusual in students with EBD as a student may display multiple behaviors associated with internalizing problems, such as a short attention span or a lack of concentration, and those associated with externalized problems such as physical and verbal disputes; rarely does an individual student with EBD exhibit only one type of maladaptive behavior. Students may display characteristics of behavior with various degrees of severity or intensity, which is either externalized or internalized behaviors may be exhibit...

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