Students With Anxiety Related Stress Essay

Students With Anxiety Related Stress Essay

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Anxiety together with anxiety related stress is among the top presenting concerns for the physical and mental health for elementary age children not only in America, but also globally. Changes in society owing to the rapid wave of civil and technological differentiation have internalized societal pressures and stresses on elementary school going children. Learners of all age groups and abilities across all global institutions of learning today are under more intense pressure to perform better in school than in past generations. The changes in our society orchestrated by globalization have bestowed upon primary learners new pressures and stresses, with the result being learners having anxiety and stress higher than their elementary school grades (Calkins and Bell 158).
Research conducted on the rapid increase in physical and mental health problems points to the elementary education system and curriculum as possible proximate cause and contributor to the rise stress and anxiety in children. The elementary school educational system and curriculum have shifted focus on to rigorous periodical and continuous assessments, tests, and examinations. The result of the change in standards in the elementary school system and curriculum has been a crammed school calendar that has consequently affected the quality of education learners are receiving adversely. The astronomical educational expectations entrenched in the elementary school system, curriculum, and resultant school calendar appears to encourage the rapid rise of learner stress and anxiety coupled up with the pressure to obtain good grades and be successful in both school and society. The elementary education system has created cyclic problems in the determination process of the stand...

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...towing of responsibilities upon children is likely to cause them unwanted anxiety and related stress that is not only a health hazard, but also an impediment to smooth early childhood growth and development. The rather unprecedented but constant change in the family unit and structure owing to the social dynamism complex can lead to uncertainty in children that has an already established linkage to an in an increase in anxiety and related stress levels. Additionally, high expectations by the family dynamic are also to blame for the skyrocketing stress levels in our young children today. The high expectations on children as mostly dictated by the family constructs places unwarranted stress, and anxiety in children due to failure gave the unrealistic standard measures of achievement set in total disregard of their physical and mental capabilities (Mash and Wolfe, 166).

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