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Today, many classrooms in America are “inclusion” classrooms which means, that students with and without disabilities can learn together in one classroom (Inclusive Classroom: Definition, Strategies & Environment). It is often argued in classroom settings in regards to is it beneficial or not. The answer to that is not black and white. There are many contributing factors that go into that answer, some of which include, the age and gender of the student, type of school the student attends, what type of disability the student has, how severe the disability is, and what the school has to offer. As to any partisan social issue, there are many pros and cons that are constantly argued. Many government leaders, school board members, school teachers and parents agree with the inclusion classrooms while many do not. To solve this social issue, the person who knows what is best for the student should make the final call if they should be or should not be in an inclusion classroom.
The history of people with disabilities has played a huge role in the creation of inclusion classrooms and has impacted the influence they have in education today. In the early 1800s people who had disabilities were sent to asylums and were treated horribly. The idea of adopting disabled individuals into schools was an idea that came about in the early 1900s. Then in the mid 1900s around 1950-1960, parents of disabled individuals began fighting for educational services to be available for their child. Not until “The Education for All Handicapped Children Act of 1975” were children, regardless of disabilities, were able to receive a free public education in what is considered to be the “least restrictive environment.” In 1986, Madeleine Will, then-Assist...

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...cation students have not been treated very well in the past, so there is nothing to prove that they will be treated differently now. The economic standpoint to inclusion is also huge. Many people who do not support inclusion believe that the idea of inclusion is being pushed for the sole reason to save money. Special education classes are very expensive, and a good way to save some money is to cut down on special education classes by putting many of those students into inclusion classrooms. When executed correctly, people who do not support inclusion believe that special education programs and services provide reliable means of education to special education students.
One of the primary influences on the topic of inclusion is the legality side to the issue. Legally, the idea of integration of schools and classrooms has been a legal issue since the civil rights era.

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