Essay on Students Struggle With College Students

Essay on Students Struggle With College Students

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Many students struggle with college for various reasons, whether it is financial, academics, or personal. We may not fully understand why college students struggle the way they do; however, it does not mean help is unavailable. “Clearly, many of the benefits that accrue from a college education are explained by the knowledge, skills, and contacts that students gain from their time on campus and in the classroom (Brock 2)”. A certain degree of success in life can be related to the amount and quality of education which can also relate to income.
The last thing most college students desire is to acquire more debt by taking out student loans to continue their education. The more debt college students encounter and leave school with, the greater the hindrance they have when they begin their career after school. Also, college prices tend to increase every year making it more expensive if you postpone your education. People in low-wage jobs are not motivated to continue their education if they are making enough money only to get by. Informing students about scholarships, grants, etc. would help to ease some financial problems only if they are motivated and able to take advantage of them. According to “Young Adults and Higher Education: Barriers and Breakthroughs to Success”, “The current financial aid system has significant flaws, but more money is available than students or the general public often realizes. The federal government now spends $18.6 billion a year on grant aid and an additional $70 billion on student loan programs (Brock 14)”. It makes a significant difference in how much scholarship money could be used towards their education instead of out of their pocket or even student loans. Many students do not know about alumni...

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...hool diploma did in the 1950s.
Transferring from a community college to a university was unsettling at first; however, taking it day-by-day and trying not to be overwhelmed by the big picture made it easier for me to adjust. My choice of giving up social life as well as some financial freedom and tightening my budget would be an acceptable trade to complete my degree. According to “Barriers to Success Predict Fall-to-Fall Persistence and Overall GPA among Community College Students”, “Developing relationships with peers at the college can create opportunities for students to learn information that can help them navigate multiple other barriers and promote social integration, institutional commitment, and persistence (David 6)”. As a college student, this has helped me recognize and engage my college barriers through my academic, financial, and personal struggles.

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