Students Should Receive Help When Applying to University Essay

Students Should Receive Help When Applying to University Essay

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These days there is a controversial issue on how much other people should ‘help’ you in writing personal statement while applying to college. Some of my friends insist that since it is a ‘personal statement’, it is to be done solely on a student’s own. However, I view this matter in the other way. Personally I see that unless a writing personal statement service is involved, getting a help from teacher and parents is still not considered cheating. I see that first-time statement writer should be closely guided and given proper advice from a tutor or teacher who has some experience in deal with this stuff, so an excellent statement could be written. Moreover, getting help is not equal to jumping into statement of purpose writing service, which is certainly cheating. In this way the work remains a student’s own, with some shaping and editing from teacher or family, and it is not a cheat at all.
My friends say that there are a number of websites that could help a student to start off on his or her own, without a live guide. I see it differently. I have mentioned the importance of having a teacher or tutor, as an advisor, around a university applicant as my standpoint supporting the help from teacher and family not considered as cheating. When
a student is in the final year of high school, consideration of what and where to study is inevitable, also how to submit an application to the desired university. A number of students are not sure of what to do and how to perform the best to be accepted to university. In Canada, an Ipsos Reid poll conducted for Big Brothers Big Sister Canada and CIBC is conducted to see the trend of teen worries in school. It shows that 63% of high school students are worried about the pressure to do well so t...

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...’s. I still strongly believe, and insist, that getting a help in this aspect is not a cheat at all.

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