Students Should Not Be Disciplined Essay

Students Should Not Be Disciplined Essay

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As a future educator I believe that all students who misbehave in the classroom must be disciplined in some matter. I believe in disciplining students with non-controlling methods to change the student’s behaviors with the goal of having the student’s accept ownership of their misbehavior. A non-controlling method I would use is Gordon’s six-step approach that would assist me with the first steps to understand and correct my student ’ s misbehavior. I believe that all students are good and can be good if they choose to be. All of my future students will start off the year with a clean slate, but after students constantly misbehave consequence s must be implemented. After a s tudent misbehaves I plan to use methods similar to Gordon ’s to learn why this student is misbehaving and evaluate and decide what solution would have the best outcome. I plan for my solutions to come up short, but I will try many different solutions until I can find a compatible solution for my students. As a future educator I view my students as equals and want them to feel comfortable and respected in my classroom. I don’t believe they should be treated as subordinates because subordina t e s are people under the authority or control within an organization. I believe my students must be respected as individuals and must only be viewed as subordinates after students constantly misbehave and disrupt class for others. I believe that having a democratic classroom is the most effective way to give students responsibilities without allowing them to takeover the classroom. By allowing students to have a n input in decisions involving responsibilities and rules in the classroom will give students a feeling of mutual respe...

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...way from such as recess time or lunchtime. I believe the ultimate goal of my classroom management plan is to teach students self-discipline so they can learn how to discipline themselves. By doing so students will not need to be disciplined frequently and asked to reiterate rules. Teaching self-discipline is also a lesson I want my students to take from my class and use in the real world and for the rest of their lives. As a future educator I would feel the most comfortable having the freedom of having my own classroom management practices. I would be a new teacher and would be willing to try out practices that I believed would be successful and find help me find my inner teaching skills. As we all know most schools have adopted classroom management programs, so I plan to be flexible and creative in mixing my strategies with the schools set standards and rules.

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