Students Need Shorter School Days

Students Need Shorter School Days

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What is your perspective on today’s high school schedule? From a student’s point-of-view I think it is more stressful than it should be. I believe that we should come to school at the same time as usual but we should only have our four main courses, which are mathematics, english, history, and science. This idea would take so much stress and worrying out of all the students’ minds. First off we would be a lot more focused because there are only four classes instead of seven. Another reason would be that we have a lot more time to do our homework or study for our classes because school would be let out earlier. Surely, there are a lot of students who are involved in after school activities and we will be more effective in our sport or activity because we will have more time to practice.
Often you hear students being told to stay focused, pay attention, get on task, or stop slacking well we are all familiar with these terms. Whether it is are teacher telling us or our parents, whoever it might be. As students we ask for people to cut us some slack because we have seven different classes to focus on and it can get very difficult to stay on task all the time. If we just had our four core courses we would only need to worry about four classes instead of seven. We wouldn’t have to worry about our grades as much especially in electives like drivers E.D. and hard working electives like that. I believe that our grades would really improve along with our Fcat scores.
Supposedly the reason why we do not get the best grades that were capable of having is because we don’t study or do our homework enough. I agree that might be the case but what do you expect? We have seven classes a day! The first thing I do when I get home from a long hard day at school is take a nap and the last thing I’m thinking about is studying or homework that I have to do. But if we had only four classes I wouldn’t really have to worry about getting it done as much because there wouldn’t be as much to do so it would be such a load of stress of our minds! I think we wouldn’t procrastinate as much as we do now because there would be less work to do so we will just get it done when we get home.

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This will improve our homework and our test grades which improves our overall grades and that means a better chance to get into a good college!
Lastly, most students are involved in sports or some sort of after school activity. If we only get our four classes students have more time to practice their after school activity and more practice means a better chance to succeed in doing what they love to do. Also we won’t sleep in class as much because the more time we would have after school would give us more time to sleep and rest. Also kids that have jobs can make more money because they can work more hours.
All in all I believe that the board of education should cut our school day into our four main courses because there is nothing negative that comes out of it every aspect of it is very positive. We will also be more focused and our grades will improve drastically. Also we would have more time to do the sport or activity that were involved in our chances to going to college and succeeding will be much higher. I just ask the board of education for all the students, please take this idea into consideration and help us prove to you that we can really be focused and succeed!

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