The Students ' Learning Environment Essay

The Students ' Learning Environment Essay

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Homework stems from the learning environment that students are exposed to in school. The students’ learning environment can be a place where the students may learn to be independent, contain a caring nature, contribute for the betterment of their fellow students, or become creative. In order to have a successful learning environment, it is essential to have management within the classroom to allow the students to follow rules, which enhances the ability to learn in the classroom (Froyen & Iverson, 1999). A classroom does not assign erroneous homework or assessments. Each assignment has a purpose to further the growth of students.
Worldview & Philosophy of Life
Pestalozzi and Montessori were educators with biblical principles. While Pestalozzi focused on more natural, everyday life learning, Montessori focused on teaching things such as moveable sandpaper letters and different sized colored rods to teach spelling and mathematics respectfully (Gutek, 1995). They both had differences, but they were pioneers in their own ways within the realm of education. Pestalozzi was fascinating in the aspect that they treated their classroom as an extension of home, while Montessori had a classroom with rigid rules. Many educators criticized her for this because she was likened to animal trainers (Gutek, 1995).
Montessori treated her classroom with a scientific approach. With this scientific approach, there were more rules. The classroom should have more rules. When a student acts as if they are in a home, they may feel more comfortable, but they lose the fact that they should be showing respect in the classroom, and become more lax.
Both educators align with biblical principles, but Montessori aligns with the spirit of the...

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...erent in many ways, may need to have less homework provided or provided in different manners, to ensure the students are not overwhelmed by the homework given nor the assessments expected out of them.
For instance, Autism can create complications for students and parents, especially at the elementary level. Therefore discussion, which encourage open communication lines between parents and their child’s teachers is essential to providing the child with their best education (Azad and Mendell, 2016). Since English and Language Arts, and more specifically communication, is a cornerstone to learning and preparing for future schooling, knowing concerns for students is very important. Furthermore, this helps improve my communication with parents, especially with students on the autistic spectrum, which will help tailor lesson plans to these students as I approach them.

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