Essay on Students in Urban Schools

Essay on Students in Urban Schools

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An urban student faces many disadvantages when attending school regardless of whether they attend a public or private school. Before we can consider how to take an urban student seriously we must examine where they are from. Urban students are those living in higher density communities within the inner-cities; areas of diversity, poverty, crime and low-income. Today we can best assign the term “urban school” to public schools that are in these metropolitan areas. Many of these schools exist within educational systems that lack sufficient resources and quality educators to ensure their educational needs are met. We also tell ourselves that the United States cannot or may never completely successfully resolve the issues with our education system but we are be able to continue to endeavors. Urban student themselves need to make a stance on their education in order to have better futures. Furthermore, educational attainment is related to the availability of opportunities, as well as the academic abilities, financial resources, and persistence of the individual.

Urban students’ face numerous challenges, for many of urban students come from neighbors or communities surrounded with alcohol, drug, sex, continuous violence, and poverty. Living in communities where urban students are surrounded with drug dealers and some of the dealers being individuals’ urban students know personally whether they went to school with the person who is now the drug dealer or they grew up with. Urban students are now being dealing with the pressures of the dealer who try to influence urban students to drop out of school and turn to a life of drugs and violence. According to Students Against Destructive Decisions Organization, about three out of ...

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