Essay about The Student Will Use Equations Solve Real World Problems

Essay about The Student Will Use Equations Solve Real World Problems

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Learning Objective 1: The student will use equations to solve real world problems. (Behaviorism)
Teachers who use the behaviorist theory in the classroom create rewarding experiences for students. Students work for things that make them feel good and proud of themselves. They cherish the feeling of getting approval from a teacher they admire. Most behavior can be learned or unlearned. The learning objective for a sixth grade at the school is: The teacher starts the lesson by reviewing what equations are and how they are used in everyday life. The teacher uses previously presented information for the review. This formed a firm foundation of understanding of equations. The students were set up in teams, applied the concept in a group activity. The students listened to the teacher, and when they got into their teams, they copied what the teacher said. The teacher did not show the group how doing the activity in general. The students are in their seats watching a presentation from the teacher. She is a teacher has coins on her desk that she is putting onto cans with open slits in the top. She is putting an assortment of different coins in the can. She explains that as she puts the different coins into the can, she is writing down what she is putting in. The task that the students are given is to find out how many of each coin have been placed in the can, and then write an equation to find out how much money is in the can. The teacher passes the can around followed by her paper that wrote the number of coins followed by her equation that she has come up with to determine how much she has. The teacher has done this to engage the student and build their curiosity about how much money she has. The groups work on the project, ...

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...images in the mind. Furthermore, by realizing the concepts, the students relate the concepts of area and volume to other shapes. By learning by themselves, they will be able to have rules for the concepts of area and volume, and thus apply to many situations. Thus, the students have an understanding of shapes, their area, volume and then use it to apply to other problems. Thus, the students learn the correspondence of shapes, area, volume, and use this information to find answers to similar problems without needing a formula. In addition, by figuring out for themselves, they understand the meaning and make associations that help them retain and retrieve the information for a longer time. The brain understands the entire discovery process by discovering for themselves, and thus have many meanings and make associations that help store and retrieve the information.

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