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Student Survival Guide Essay

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Student Survival Guide

When starting a new course: The first resource I need to use is the course syllabus. The syllabus includes the course overview, and then the week by week assignments. Within in the weekly assignments are your materials needed for the week, and are usually in a word or pdf document. If you don't have the programs to read the downloads; you can download the programs to read the document's on you student web sight. My instructors contact information is also a valuable resource with in my course syllabus.
The Center For Writing Excellence is one of the best resources. I can use this resource in many ways: If I have a paper I want reviewed for grammar and structure, I just submit my paper wait no longer than twenty four hours, and there will be an icon beside my submitted paper telling me that it is done, and all I have to do is click on it and review it's corrections. This resource also has a plagiarism checker so I can be sure that my work is free and clear of any plagiarism. This checker will let me know where I missed a quote and this will enable me to fix the paper before I submit it to my instructor. The center for writing excellence also has tutorials for many different kinds of grammar help.
The library is a good resource: It has different search resources to suite the topic the instructor assigns like Pro Quest, Gale Power search, and ebscohost; you can review already peer review articles or others. The articles usually have a summary and then the whole article. This helps identify the key information in the article. Within the library you can look up words in the dictionary, read a Theseus, and if worst comes to worst ask the librarian
All of these resources should help me understand how to use ...

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...s system you can better arrange your daily activities. Other study habits include taking notes,writing down questions, and making sure I set enough time aside for studying.

Applying Personality and Learning Styles

Having a interpersonal learning style will help me to be out going as interpersonal will allow me ti still be independent enough to do college on line when I want. My visual will help me understand what I am reading and remember it. My verbal skills will allow me to better communicate with my classmates and instructors.
I can develop my skills by understanding my weaknesses and use my strongest strengths to help improve my lower skills.
I relate to other by using my interpersonal skill to be outgoing and go learn other students and our different and similar skills. Once we know each other we can help each other in our others weaknesses and strenghts.

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