Student Survival Guide for Axia College Students

Student Survival Guide for Axia College Students

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Student Survival Guide

This guide is to help future students embarking on an educational path at Axia College. It will explain and show all the many resources available through Axia College. To begin a distance learning educational course, you must first find the need and desire inside yourself for this program. Once you understand why you are here, it will be easier to succeed throughout the classes.
Using Educational Resources
Axia College offers many resources and tools that are user-friendly to help you succeed throughout your program. Creating a username and password is the first steps beginning your journey here at Axia College. You will also be issued an IRN (Individual Record Number) that will be used anytime you need to call or e-mail anyone associated with Axia College, this is your identification for your e-mail account. Your enrollment advisor should have taken care of this with you, if not contact them now. You will also need to allow Axia to use popups on your browser. New windows sometimes need to be opened from Axia’s websites.
The resources available through Axia College are: Center for Writing Excellence, The University Library, and Center for Mathematical Excellence, Student Workshops and Tutorials as well as many tools and other utilities to help you throughout your degree program. WritePoint is also a very valuable service offered through the CWE for errors in grammar and spelling. Links to outside resources are also provided making the distance learning experience successful for the Axia student.
Upholding Academic Honesty
Academic honestly is very important, not only to the university but also yourself. You should always strive to be your best not some else’s and severe penalties accompany dishonestly. You also miss out on the feeling of pride and accomplishment that comes from work done by you honestly. Plagiarism is serious and disrespectful, and easily avoidable. By citing anyone’s work you use, you’re not only protecting yourself but you also give the writer the respect they deserve. Axia College uses the APA (American Psychological Association) guidelines for all academic writings, information for the APA guidelines in the university library. The CWE offers Plagiarism Checker to assist in verifying that your work is, in fact, your work. Even accidental plagiarism is bad, and can sometimes lead you into trouble, so always use the Plagiarism Checker to be safe.

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Another tool offered is the Cite Generator that makes citing your reference easy and quick, also in the university library. Academic honestly is your responsibility, make sure you do your own work and give credit to those whom you may reference or quote.
Setting and Achieving Goals
Setting reachable and obtainable goals is not only important for college but for life. Having something to reach for and achieve gives purpose and meaning to one’s self. Setting goals helps us indentify what we want out of everything, from learning to life. You should break your goals down be importance. Set a long-term goal; have short-term goals getting to it with rewards for markers you meet along the path to achieving the long-term goal. Basically beginning, middle and end, just like life. The beginning should be short-term goals, reachable within a week or month to keep momentum going. Next would be mid-term goals, which consist of goals taking a year or so to accomplish. Finally the long-term goals, these could be from two years to five years, should be the major goals and should better your life and that of others around you. Always reward yourself with something after completing any of your goals. Make sure the end payoff of your goals set is something that will keep you motivated and persistent on the path to reaching the prize at the end.
Managing Time Wisely
To manage your time wisely is tricky and sometimes requires adjusting for unexpected events that can upset the most perfect laid-out plan. Being in a distance learning environment, more time is spent on reading and replying than in a traditional college. You will always need to get your syllabus and examine the course week by week. Use of a calendar to keep track of assignments and projects due for that week is a good idea. Your syllabus will lay out week to week what is expected from you, examine it Sunday for the upcoming week and plan on the calendar when things need to be done. Also I take Mondays, which is usually slow to read all my reading assignments for the week in both classes. You must also master the task of attendance and participation in each class. Attendance requires you post two days in any forum, participation requires you make to responses to fellow classmates or instructors comments for four separate days. Since you’re not in a classroom setting in which the instructor can take roll this allows the instructor to know that you are in class participating. Both classes will alternate, when you have attendance for one you will have participation for the other and vice versa, so it becomes easier as you go along. The daily questions always tipped me off to which class participation was required in. Two things to help you are; plan ahead and discipline yourself.
Fostering Reading Comprehension and Retention
Distance learning requires a large amount of reading, and if you are just reading and not retaining it does not do any good. The SQ3R technique is perfect in helping you master the task of reading and retention. Survey, question, read, recites, and review is what the letters SQ3R stand for. Doing this for each reading assignment will help you get the most out of them. I will explain each of them as I understand them. Survey means to basically skim over the entire source of the information and pay special notice to the bold type, headlines, charts or graphs to form an idea of what the information is about. Question is just that, form questions from surveying about the topic and what you want to learn from the reading this information. Write these questions down and answer as you go along. Read the information and answer any questions you may have left. If you do not understand something on the first read through, try going away for awhile and coming back to read it again, this time gasping the concept more clearly. Recite means to speak the words aloud as you are reading them, by doing this you will sometimes retain more of the information than reading quietly. Review the questions you have answered to ensure all were complete also review back over the text to ensure complete understanding of all charts, graphs, and diagrams. We all retain information differently but by using this technique maybe it will help you strengthen your ability to retain information.
Applying Personality and Learning Styles
This by far will be the most enlightening and eye-opening of all assignments thus far. Knowing your personality style will not only be useful in college but will continue to be useful throughout your life. Your “intelligence” or personality style shows you how you function at your peak, from learning, to participating, and finally achieving your long-term goals. According to Howard Gardner there are eight intelligences in which contribute to our individual learning styles. Knowing your own intelligence enables you to create a learning style that plays to your strengths. Not only is being aware of your intelligence helpful but knowing that of your classmates will help you interact better in discussion questions and assignment help offered to others.
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