Student Success Paper

Student Success Paper

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Student Success Assignment

Some people may call Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder a curse; I would actually consider it a gift. Having the disorder has its challenges, and blessings. However, I find that when managed, ADHD can be a genuine asset in my life. The website “Study Guides and Strategies” provided many useful tips that I hope to use as a tool while learning, or apply in any classroom setting. Using these tricks and tips, the issues that I face while learning will hopefully become managed, and eventually become an asset to this journey we call learning.
Procrastination is a problem that many people have, but through work can be overcome. The website gave me the useful tip of starting in small, manageable steps towards a project or assignment. The website then dictates to delegate how much time [realistically] that the task will take. One “timeism” that I find is that everything always takes longer than I estimate it to. I could say that this very assignment could take a short 10 minutes, but I should give a more realistic and practical number such as at least an ...

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