Student Students With Learning Disabilities Essay

Student Students With Learning Disabilities Essay

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As part of being an educator, helping all student achieve their full potential with their education, and to able to continue to be challenged academically. The school environment becomes student’s community where they learn how to make friends and to learn who they are as individuals. For children school is a social setting where they make their own choices, but unfortunately not all student receive the same social experience. Students with learning disabilities in some school are isolated from students their own age, take classes that are developed to meet the educational need. Their has been a shift in some school district, and instead of isolating students with learning disabilities they are integrated classroom. Integrated classroom are meant to have both students with and without learning disabilities. The reason for this change in classroom setting is to help students with learning disabilities to be combined with peers their own grade level. Students with learning disabilities, face many challenges when it comes to social skill and learning. The new movement of having student in inclusive classroom can have both positive and negative impact with students with learning disabilities. The greatest benefit that can occur for students with learning disability is they will no longer be isolated from the school, but instead they are integrated with kids their age with the same as them with the same interest. They are given the opportunity to find kids their age that have the same interest they do, and they are interacting with students that are either different or the same as them. Giving student with learning disabilities be in inclusive classroom does allow them to build social skill that will not be as greater when they are in ...

... middle of paper ... to a school setting it can become a challenge for students with disabilities who are not as easy excepted. For the whole school to enforce an inclusive classroom, all students must be educated on how everyone is different, and how there is nothing wrong with being different. Educating all students with or without disabilities is a must to avoid behavior problems among all students. To be excepting of students regardless of who they are is a conversation the school should have with children, because students need to have knowledge of being excepting of others and the importance of respecting people that are different than them. Merging students with disabilities does have the social aspect as a form of benefit, unfortenently it can become a challenge for teacher to adapt to the new structure and challenges to giving all students the educational focus they deserve.

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