Student 's Use Of Cell Phones Essay

Student 's Use Of Cell Phones Essay

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Every high school in today’s society is impacted by student 's use of cell phones, but at one local high school, the issue is incontrovertibly noticeable. Sussex Technical High School in Georgetown, Delaware has lifted their ban and maintained an approval of cell phone use for two years now. This appeased the student population, but the school did not reap any benefits by reversing the previous prohibition. Students now are using their phones for purposes other than bettering the surrounding society, and instead, may even be harming it. As a recent graduate of this high school, I can attest to the negative impact of student cell phone use. It was apparent phones were being used not to study, but to bully, to cheat and were an overall distraction in the classroom.
With school approved cell phone use, cyber bullying becomes much more abundant, and can substantially affect the student population. “52 per cent of young people report [they have been] cyberbullied,” and “25 per cent of teenagers report that they have experienced repeated bullying by their cell phone, or on the Internet,” says the Counseling Service concerning Cyber Bullying Statistics. The ability of students to take a picture and upload it to a social media website can turn an embarrassing photo of an individual, into a laughingstock in a matter of minutes. With the ability of mass distribution through social media, one person can post a picture so all their friends can see it, whose friends may or may not re-tag that same photo, whose friend could do the same, creating an endless cycle of humiliation. This occurs every day across the nation, including Sussex Tech.
While cyberbullying may run rampant, students also use their devices to help them with assignments in and...

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...impact on many high schools, including Sussex Tech, it is clear each is affected by cell phones in more ways than one. With an approved cell phone use policy, cyberbullying can become much more of an issue than any school would be willing to handle. The policy also ensures that cheating will occur more often, and this blame can be placed on both the student for committing this crime and the administration for authorizing such an arrangement. The distraction phones can cause, should have, in and of itself, stopped such a program from being enacted. Positive aspects of using cell phones in class compared to the negative aspects are overwhelmingly insignificant. Research clearly shows teenagers are not capable of handling the responsibility that comes with possessing a cell phone; consequently causing themselves and others to suffer socially, mentally and educationally.

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