Student 's Training Program For Students Essay

Student 's Training Program For Students Essay

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Student’s training program (internships, work placements, on-the-job training and work-based learning) was one of the main concerns discussed by the academic interviewees. The importance of training program was recognised, by the academic participants, as it has a huge impact on the development of work-related skills and knowledge among students. An academic said ‘practicing the reality of work is the best practice for students to learn and to gain the skills needed in the labour market’.
A common perception amongst the academic participants was that training programmes were intended to provide BMA students with work-based-experience and to enhance their practical understanding of the employability skills taught theoretically in classroom. A number of respondents indicated that, promoting ‘life-learning situations’ among students will help them to enhance their understanding level and develop work-related skills (e.g. critical thinking, decision making, personnel and problem solving skills) and work-related ethical attributes, and behaviours like punctuality, commitment, honesty and respecting others at work. An interviewee noted that ‘if students learn both theory and practice properly, then they will have better prospects to be hired by industry’. However, several academics viewed that most of the management programs focus on theory that needs to be practiced. Their perception assures academics’ view in figure 5.2 and the results in table 5.17.
A recurrent common concern discovered during interviews was that training quality is one of the HE system gaps. Results revealed that academics argued that this gap exists due to the following:
1) No common and formal training policy for all HEIs.
2) Shortage of training opportunities in...

... middle of paper ...

...he reality of the workplace
The previous results indicated that training is one of the main expectations of HEIs/department from private employers (section 5.2). Also, the findings of this section showed that BMA current graduates lack work-experience; however, it is one of the main criteria for employers in the private sector. The shortage of work experience among BMA graduates leads to skills mismatch among BMA undergraduates (Al-Lamki, 1998) and low graduate performance at work (Jackson, 2012), thus the difficulty to compete effectively with the expatriate workforce and seeking a job in the private sector. Alternatively, it is the key factor leads to an effective transfer from education to work Leberman et al. (2006). They findings of ILO (2011) supported the thought that training investment is still disappointing due to the lack of graduate’s work-related skills.

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