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The Student 's Room Design Essays

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The student’s room design to improve the learning and performance.
The needs of the students have to be supplied; universities may have to make good environments where their students can develop their knowledge. Universities need students and vice versa, in addition one of the features to maintain this condition could be the student room. A place where the student take his rest, with excellent features and privacy, like good lighting, It technology, the furniture and furnishing thought to be ergonomic, and a cosy place. This report presents these lineaments trying to give tools to design a student room to improve the performance, and give relax and rest; furthermore, aiming also to get a durable room for next student generations.
Characteristics of the students: privacy
Nowadays the privacy of the students is taking the main role, universities are making their own surveys, and are looking that between the preferences of their students are characteristics that provide easy insertion, security and good company. As an instance, a survey from the university of Nottingham has shown students that want to live with independence, because the many difficulties that face: living near to other students or sharing rooms: thin walls between rooms, share the bathroom, high noise in rest time and others secondary answers(University of Nothingham-2008). Furthermore, a suitable place to live would help the creativity of the students, developing their scientific thinking (metaphysic), supplying comfort. Strange, C.C. and Banning, J.H., 2015

Room colour bias and student mood.
The mood of the student affects directly their performance, Lane, A.M., 2007 so one feature is the colour of the student 's room. The colour could impac...

... middle of paper ...

...the beginning. In this way it’s could be sustainable, producing low cost of maintenance. It Is important don’t lose the objective of this room, avoiding fall in a luxury trap above ergonomic as an instance.
-Privacy enhances the mood, sometimes is much better a smaller room that big and shared, in addition avoid the thick walls.
-The combination between natural light and artificial light should be optimized, is important that the student get natural light, and the room needs colours that transmit energy to avoid have mood changes, depression or fell sick.
-IT and technology as WIFI must be controlled, restricting areas that could be more a damage than beneficial, as an instance could be the pages with high violence. Take into consideration that this point must be explained in the university principles and country laws, sharing with the parents and the students.

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