Student 's Name : The Hard Way

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Student’s Name Tutor’s Name Course Date I learned: The hard way My Grandmother always advised me to be a responsible boy or else I would be a boy who cried wolf. She reiterated that one day, no one would bother to listen to my cries. I loved scheming on how to avoid going to school most of the time. I loved feigning sickness. I learned the hard way. During my junior high school, I developed a bad habit of avoiding school, something common among my age group or peer. I loved staying home to watch and listen to favorite talk shows. Since these shows were only aired during school hours, I often feign sickness so that I could stay home and watch what I considered, a must watch program. At first, on most occasions, I successfully convinced my grandmother to stay at home for being ill, but my lies eventually caught up with me. She realized I was always in perfect health when she returned home from work. Every morning, it was my routine to convince my grandmother that I was not feeling well. She was becoming suspicious of my tricks; she was becoming less convinced. Soon she began to igno...
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