Student 's Level Of Literacy Essay

Student 's Level Of Literacy Essay

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I. Background
As the number of non-native English students increase in U.S university, “the issue of academic literacy is gaining more importance (Riazantseva, 2012).” Most colleges require students to take the English placement test before students enter college to check the student’s level of literacy. Through this process, universities can figure out whether the first-year students are ready to take college-level of writing classes or not. Moreover, students are required to take the lower level courses in order to polish up their writing skills if they did not pass the exams. Likewise, most colleges attach importance to having proficient English skills. Nevertheless, quite a number of researchers have shown that “students’ writing is getting worse. (Carter & Harper, 2013)” They said, the reason of this is plenty of students do not consider their writing abilities as much as their major studies, and generally, the English academic standard have declined. While researchers just focused on the cause of declining writing ability, they ignored the fact that poor academic language skill negatively affects students’ success in college.

II. Argument
Since there is a lack of research on the effect of unskillful academic writing ability, I tried to discover how the language skill impacts with the overall success and retention of students in college. I was curious whether students can follow the advanced courses in college if their language skills are not proficient. It brought into question how students can do well in university when they cannot even state their opinions properly in the class. After researching a few important reason of writing skills in college, I concluded that without proficient language skills, st...

... middle of paper ... to poor communications and result of this; it may be hard to be the valued members of society. College is also one of the society. If students are not good at the writing, they will have a hard time as the college students. Students should write a lot of academic writings clearly throughout their collegiate career. However, because of not proficient language skill, students’ paper may not attract readers’ mind. Their sentences do not convey the meaning very well, so the readers such as their professors or instructors think that students are not ready to move up to the next grade. The ability to comprehend a text in the content area is critical to students’ academic success. In the other word, improving the writing skill is the key point to have the successful college life. If students are ready to develop the language skill, they should consider how to improve it.

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