Student 's Learning Without Financial Assistance Essay

Student 's Learning Without Financial Assistance Essay

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The university is located in an industrialized part of the state that receives state funding. Each university that receives funding is required to comply with the rules and regulations that are provided by the state’s Board of Higher Education. Dr. Smith is the provost of a university that receives state funding and is responsible for complying with the requests of the Board of Higher Education.
Dr. Smith is challenged with two situations; the current culture of the university has a negative undertone, and the request from the Board of Higher Education to create a campus wide assessment on the student’s learning without financial assistance. The institution is currently short staffed in various departments. To help boost morale for the faculty, Dean Smith strategically gave them raises. Boosting the faculty moral with a salary increase also abolished positions that were available, and drained any funds for additional resources for the Board of Higher Education’s request. A negative culture from employees can result in diminished productivity and ominous environment for staff and students (Vestal, 2015). After boosting morale with the faculty, Dr. Smith received the request from the Board of Higher Education. He predicted that the campus deans will be outraged about the Board of Higher Education’s request for the assessment measure; they are not receiving additional financial assistance and they feel that this is an attack on their expertise and teaching methods.
Dr. Smith utilized strategic leadership; he weighed the available options with the current organizational structure and chose Dr. Garrison to accept the responsibility. Dr. Smith chose Dr. Garrison based on his current job description and his loyalty t...

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...e case study again and began writing down the facts; a mandated assessment was given; more work, but without additional resources. The departments are short staffed; faculty are leaving for other universities who pay more. Dr. Smith identified each department and realized that if he gave them more work, it would create higher levels of tension. He chose to re-allocate unused funds from faculty vacancies and provide salary increases. Then he chose to use his assistant provost, a dedicated team member, to assign the mandated assessment project to. I think he demonstrated leadership in a tough situation; he created raises, did not provide additional work for the faculty, relied on a trusted team member, who utilized his resources and intelligence to finish the project in a timely and appropriate manner. So, I would not change anything that Dr. Smith decided to do.

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