Student 's Experience With Learning English Essay

Student 's Experience With Learning English Essay

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Each student has a variety of experiences that has assisted in their progress in learning English. These students have particular strengths and weaknesses, and likes and dislikes towards learning English. The purpose of this interview is to familiarize myself with a current EIL student’s experience in learning English at BYUH. I selected a student in an EIL 320 class because he has had the most experience with the program. The student I interviewed wishes to remain anonymous, so I will refer to him as Jay. Jay felt strongly that the EIL program was not beneficial for his advancement because it wastes time, grades are the motivator, and it has been too easy.
Jay expressed quite adamantly that EIL has been a waste of time. To further understand why he feels this way I asked what his strongest skill is currently. He expressed that it was speaking because it is what he uses most often. He continued by stating that this skill was acquired while on his mission, and his time in EIL has not improved that ability. Another example he made, was that three semesters are spent on EIL and in that time, he felt frustrated because studying English was not his purpose to come here. Jay exclaimed, “I came here to graduate in accounting, not in English.” Since he has started his accounting classes he has noted that the concepts are easy to understand and English is not a hindrance, nor do they have any components that he felt EIL has focused on. To motivate this student to think more deeply about the problem he identified, I asked what a solution could be. Jay feels that the program should push students to study more independently, and utilize the teachers as more of a guide. This would help decrease the amount of wasted class time and f...

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..., “major classes don’t always reflect hard work, so my GPA may suffer”.
From this interview, I learned that students are not as optimistic about EIL, and some have come to resent it. As a trainee teacher, I have come to understand that teaching and grading should be done in a balance. If we have teach easy but test hard, students will feel discouraged and study with the purpose of passing, but on the other hand, if we teach hard and test easy, students will not feel challenged. Thus, it is a balancing act. In addition, I learned that English language students are not always intrinsically motivated towards language learning, but are towards their major. This student saw English as a “means to an end”, and nothing more. Overall, I learned that students can succeed when they know what is expected and are given ample opportunities to perform at their skill level.

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