The Student 's Critical Thinking And Knowledge Possession Essay

The Student 's Critical Thinking And Knowledge Possession Essay

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Education has always been a necessity as it has been a tool to survive the world and can also be a tool to oppress the student’s critical thinking and knowledge possession. As the teacher discourages the student to be self-thinking student and be allowed to use their creativity. The information is put into and you do not why you are learning this information. The teacher would make you a sponge for information but ignore other aspects of the student and teach where none of your aspects of your life matter in the class just the subject in the classroom. This type of education system is banking education. Banking education is a system that oppress the student to lack critical thinking because the problem with banking education is that it makes knowledge being learned without a reason of importance causing the student lack critical thinking of the knowledge.
The main relationship in education is the teacher and the listening student, Freire calls this, “The narrative character” (Freire 71). The narrative character is where the teacher lectures about the topic as the students listens making the purpose of the subject meaningless. In this education system the teacher tasks to fill the student with information in Freire case he says, “His task is to fill the students with the contents of his narration contents which are detached from reality, disconnect from the totality that engendered them and could give them significance. Words are emptied of their concreteness and become a hollow” (Freire 71). The teacher’s task is to deposit knowledge into the student but ignores pre-existing knowledge making the deposited knowledge higher priority. An experience of banking education had to be when I had a teacher who taught English and it was an...

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...t in the world with which and in which they find themselves; they come to see the world not as a static reality, but as a reality in process, in transformation” (Freire 83). This assignment got the student to see their place in there society and if he feels he is giving to much permission to authority.
The banking model of education does not promote critically thinking as there is no dialogue between the teacher and student as the teacher puts the education from the textbook higher than using the knowledge to create a critically thinker and allows him to apply this to him. As my sophomore English teacher lack connection with me and my classmates and focused more on what we should learn from the textbook. While my junior English teacher connected with the class and made the class relevant to us. Creating dialogue with the student and promoting self-thinking students.

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