Student 's Background And Teaching Styles Essay

Student 's Background And Teaching Styles Essay

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The Australian Education system is full of diversities from subject selection, student’s background and teaching styles. It is important as a teacher within this system to uncover and accept your own diversities and styles of teaching; by accepting and becoming comfortable with these you are in a better position to accommodate the needs of your students and the curriculum. As we grow as teachers so may our principles and beliefs about teaching also grow allowing for change and flexibility within our personal styles. English is the cornerstone of society proficiency within English can provide opportunities for all student futures. Implementing the personal growth model allows students to become more engaged with topics and their learning experiences; English is heavily centred on perspectives and opinions of purpose, meaning, audiences and the effectiveness of texts. Personal growth allows students to share their worldviews and interests with each other and teaching staff to allow for a tailored experience aligned with personal interests. Achieving a tailored experience for all students is difficult but by balancing learning and evoking an interested in the perspectives of others the experience extends to a more inclusive and engaging learning environment encompassing all individual diversities.
Student learning is determined largely in their interest of topics that they are learning; the English curriculum identifies the need to foster an interest in language and literature “the study of English from kindergarten to year 10 should develop a love of literature and learning and be challenging and enjoyable.” (BOSTES, 2015) Personal growth fosters the need to engage students in their learning assess its purpose within society and f...

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...ews throughout the stage six syllabus; “in Stage 6, students come to understand the complexity of meaning, to compose and respond to texts according to their form, content, purpose and audience, and to appreciate the personal, social, historical, cultural and workplace contexts that produce and value them.” (BOSTES, 2009) At a stage six level students are encouraged to challenge themselves by choosing the appropriate levels of study and engage their knowledge of literature into more complex and diverse texts and studies stimulating a wider interest in English and its application within their changing social situations. “The aim of English Stage 6 is to enable students to understand, use, enjoy and value the English language in its various textual forms and to become thoughtful, imaginative and effective communicators in a diverse and changing society.” (BOSTES, 2009)

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