Student Nursing Assessment Analysis Essay

Student Nursing Assessment Analysis Essay

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According to Quinn (2000, p. 200), “Assessment is the exercise of judgment on the quality of students’ work, as a way of supporting student learning and appraising its outcomes.” The training of the contemporary nurse should focus on both what the Student nurse or student midwife nurse is suppose to be doing as well as how it should be done (Palomba & Banta 2001, p. 71).

This paper, will therefore, critically analyse the following five issues. Firstly, whether the assessment was conducted fairly and accurately? Secondly, it will seek to answer the question, whether the assessment decision is justified? Thirdly, it will also consider if the feedback to the learner was timely and constructive? Fourthly, it will address the matter of clarity and ambiguity of the document, and lastly, the subject of whether professional accountability was considered will be discussed.
The process of assessment is required to be fair to the Student nurse or student midwife and transparent to all (West, Clark, & Jasper 2008, p. 159). This scenario depicts less fairness to the student. For example, Jackie thinks Gina is useless. This statement is quite discouraging to the student nurse or student midwife and it also sounds very negative and quite unfair.
According to RCN (2007, p. 11), the mentor is required to be constructive and avoid negative comments. Jackie did not communicate her feeling to Gina so that she could have had the opportunity to improve on the concerns. May be, with a little motivation Gina could have appeared more use full. Motivation is the inner force that makes one to act in a certain manner (Cherry & Jacob 2005, p. 372).
For an assessment to be considered fair, the signed off mentor needs to be obje...

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