Student Loans And Its Effects On Students Essay

Student Loans And Its Effects On Students Essay

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Student loans affect students in a variety of ways and causes students to go into distress and frustration with fear of the future. Additionally, student loans cause many students to go into debt and it is a huge responsibility on their shoulders. Furthermore, the number of students in debt in the United States has increased over the past twenty years (Black, 2016). It causes them to borrow so much money until it affects their future. Student loans cause many students to go into debt, but there are many ways to reduce it such as applying for scholarships and grants, saving money and applying for work-study.
Student loans have increased dramatically over the past few years and it has made education unobtainable. Also, student loans have quadrupled since 2004, to nearly $1.2 trillion (Gorman ,2015). For example, for all borrowers, the average “…debt in 2011 was $23,300, with 10 percent owing more than $54,000 (Martin, 2012), which is increasing yearly. Even though students receive grants and scholarships, it is not enough to pay for their whole year. Additionally, it causes...

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