Student Learning Should Guide Teaching Essay

Student Learning Should Guide Teaching Essay

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Transparency in education is a necessary discourse to ensure quality pedagogical practices are implemented throughout the learning environment. This ensures that teachers remain objective to the needs of their students, especially in terms of teacher ideology, classroom climate, and teacher pedagogy. In saying so, to fulfill my final requirement for EDUC 516, I’ve been tasked to select a video to observe and focus on the areas named above. This video is approximately 48 minutes long, where I will be using a moment from segments 04:59 to 08:02. I will be employing the Carol Rogers reflective model, which is a brilliant model when apply provides clarity enabling teachers to make informed decisions to enhance their classroom climate, teacher ideology, and teacher pedagogy. As Rogers (2002) explains, …student learning should guide teaching. Teachers’ classroom practices must be seen as an integrated, focused response to student learning rather than as a checklist of teaching behaviors (p.233). This model is comprised of four phases; however, I will only focus on three areas, which are, presence in experience (learning to see), analysis of experience (multiple perspectives and explanations) and experimentation (learning to take intelligent action).
Teacher ideology
The relationship between teacher ideology and teaching is a salient one, where both must be intrinsic, to reduce the appearance of pseudo. The personal beliefs of a teacher can function as an asset or impediment to many students, especially in terms of classroom behaviors and student expectations. As Darder et al (as cited in Bartolome´, 2004) explains,
…In addition to understanding ideology as a societal level phenomenon, [Ideology must also] be unders...

... middle of paper ...

... that has been echoing for decades.
Classroom climate
Creating a classroom climate that is student centered and targets reciprocal elements requires careful planning; specifically, the role of the teacher and how said role affect the learning environment. Perhaps the most important element is the presence of the teacher, which is tied to reflection and interaction. As Rodgers & Raider-Roth (2006) explains,
Paying attention to the fundamentals of classroom life—the relationships, the affective and cognitive interactions between students and teachers, the construction of genuine learning experiences and a hospitable school climate—is essential because these are the very elements of classroom practice that are threatened by the current educational trends. (p.3).

Mrs. Smith did a superb illustration of presence in the classroom, particularly in this interaction:

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