Student Information System Software Used At Bergen Community College Essays

Student Information System Software Used At Bergen Community College Essays

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Ellucian is the student information system software used at Bergen Community College. Ellucian is linked to internal databases, such as; Student Planning, Moodle, Banner, Blackboard and SharePoint.
In researching open source higher education databases I found five of the many open source databases that are available to higher education institutions. They are:
1. Courseware 2.5, -OS
2. Manhattan Virtual Classroom 2.1, -OS
3. Moodle 1.1.1,-OS/WIN
4. Whiteboard 1.0.2-OS
5. ATutor 1.3-OS
Open source software is an important component of today’s higher education. It is basically a sharing of information. The advances of the arts and sciences are a result of the open sharing of ideas, theories, studies and research. Yet the software that is being use on computers at many school systems is closed and locked, making educators partners in the suppression of the foundational information of this new age (Chauhan) .
Open source software development is taking place all over the world where part of the community develops individual modules, becoming necessary to establish standards and common definitions for open source software. These standards are established to define interaction between modules to insure interoperability of software. Software components which follow specific open standards can be replaced with other standard-compliant product, which allows the user more freedom to choose the component best suited to his needs and is not bound to a particular product, as with commercial software (Chauhan)
The common element of the open source databases is the use of share data of student information. The common features used by the databases are their operating systems UNIX or Windows, as well as MYSQL database. The database used b...

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... to report which I associate with the low degree attainment. Possibly these students dropped out? I noticed the cost to attend two of the colleges that had higher tuition rates were, Eastwick College of Nutley and Eastwick College of Hackensack, they were both in the twenty thousand ranges in comparison to Bergen at $13,006. These numbers are based on two year tuition rate.

In summary, In order to obtain this type of data, open source databases are a major component in compiling these statistics. In the example of Ellucian, Bergen’s student information system is linked to internal databases such as SharePoint, and Moodle that pulls in information from registration, finance, and student services to name a few. Sharing of information by way of open source databases is what made it possible for me to run the peer analysis with efficiency and confidence of the data.

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