Essay about Student Information Management Systems

Essay about Student Information Management Systems

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Extent of SIMS Adoption
The concept of Student Information Management System (SIMS) is one that continues to elicit mixed reactions. Its application appears limited by a number of factors. Whitley, Gal, and Kjaergaard (2014) connotes that SIMS faces challenges in acceptability due to the kind of information being stored, personal identification information being stored in the system and the identity of people accessing this information. Ngoma (2009) explores the level of success student information system, a subset of SIMS. Findings from Ngoma’s expedition indicate that many institutions tend to have a negative attitude towards implementation of such projects. Their evaluation mechanism on application of this technology is tied to the level of improvement of the institution especially student performance (Sun & Benton 2008; Chong 2014).
The Australian and European context of application is appealing. Individual governments have formulated legislations that encourage institutions to implement SIMS while others make it mandatory for these implementations to be effected with monitoring and regulatory bodies established (Whitley, Gal, and Kjaergaard 2014; BCME. 2011). In addition, subsidizing the implementation of these systems makes it possible for such regions to have extensive utilization of SIMS.
The African context and especially East African integration of SIMS is one that is shy of expectation. Recent technological boom in the region created a platform for the adoption of SIMS. However, lack of government incentives to integrate this technology in the learning and management of learning institution makes it hard for school management to make such investments (Magara 2006). The amount incurred in the implementation of this sys...

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