Student Debt Of College Education Essay

Student Debt Of College Education Essay

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In modern America, the average college student is plundered into a place similar to purgatory where many have escaped yet many didn’t and suffered. This place is often referred as student debt. The average student debt floated around $20,326 in 2012 according to Meta Brown and Sydnee Caldwell from “Young Student Loan Borrowers Retreat from Housing and Auto Markets” yet college graduates with a bachelor’s degree average $100,096 in 2011 according to College Board’s “Trends Pricing in, 2011”. Since many do suffer from student debt of college education, how many actually benefit from college education? Is it worth all the debt? What are some costs of not going through higher education? Many students proceed to continue to college education whether if they have money to support it or not because in America it is often looked down upon if a person doesn’t attend a higher education or some form of military. This role is an obligation, some people follow it and come out successful, whereas some go through, obtain nothing beneficial, and receive an income sucking leech. College education is commonly divided to two divisions, advantageous or unfulfilling.
America was founded under the aid of scholars. Education was considered a rich man’s field and it is somewhat influenced the same way today. The scholar’s that arrived during mid seventeenth century were prestigious men. They are alumnae from Cambridge and Oxford allowing the Englishmen graduates to conduct the pilgrims’ way of life although the pilgrims were there first. (Thwing 1). The idea that education was required to lead to prosperity, Francis Bacon despised the teaching method of Cambridge and criticized the study of logic and rhetoric (Thwing 2). Although there were many schol...

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...on college education could be use potentially to invest or help aid a sustainable lifestyle. Also not all high paying jobs require a college education, a high school diploma is enough to get by. Flipped towards the other side, the most compelling argument of the benefit of college would be the opportunities that would open up for one who has a degree. A person with a degree are guaranteed a much stable and higher salary than those with just a high school diploma. A person with a degree wouldn’t have to worry about student debt when they find a job that can easily cover the debt within a few years. Overall the idea of whether is college is right for you is all determined by your “ability, motivation, personality, and family connections, as well as general education and major program of study, largely determined occupational choice, earnings, and success” (Witmer 513).

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