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Student Centered And Teacher Centered Essay

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My philosophy of my teaching and learning style is more a mixture of both student-centered and teacher centered. I believe that students learn best when they are working in groups. In the student-centered teaching approach, it puts responsibility on both the student and the teacher. I would have center activities to facilitate student learning. I have more of a facilitator teaching style. According to the University of South Carolina defines a facilitator teaching style as, “This type of teacher will often try to design learning situations and activities that require student processing and application of course content in creative and original ways.” ("Teaching Styles"). I think teacher-centered style has benefits too because it can help with the learners who learn best at hearing and visualizing. I think that it is important to have a mixture of both student-centered and teacher-centered.
Some ways teachers can help students grow and their development is by giving them a welcoming learning environment, encouragement, and a space to collaborate. Giving students a welcoming learning environment lets the students know that they are free to share their ideas and know that it is safe. This way they can grow and develop their ideas and learn from the ones that did not work and expand on the ones that did work. Providing encouragement to my students lets them know that I believe in them. It encourages them to try their best at all their work. A space to collaborate helps students grow and develop by letting them work with other students. Students learn best from their peers. This allows discussions and sharing of ideas to facilitate learning. Students get to hear from different viewpoints. Students can work together to decide which i...

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... it gives them more instructional materials so they can learn. It also gives you different ways to teach the material.
Professional development helps teachers grow and when teachers grow students grow and develop too. At professional development teachers get to learn new skills and new resources to use in the classroom. Teachers can learn new skills to use in the classroom like teaching practices, different ways to assess, and classroom management. If we learn from these professional developments, we can implement them into our classroom and have our classrooms be effective.
My philosophy of teaching is a hybrid of both student-centered and teacher-centered. I believe that both teaching styles will help the students of all the different learning styles. We as teachers need to have a certain style of philosophy as a teacher to help our students succeed in school.

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