Essay on Student Athletes Shouldn 't Be Paid

Essay on Student Athletes Shouldn 't Be Paid

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I have decided to write a response paper to Ekow N. Yankah’s: “Why N.C.A.A. Athletes Shouldn’t Be Paid”. Although I enjoyed reading his perspective, I do not agree with his statement which addresses that student-athletes shouldn 't get paid. Universities are using their student-athlete’s popularity to promote their athletics program while the student-athletes are unable to promote their own image. Student-athletes work hard day in and day out, basically like having a full time job. Which makes time is also very limited during the day for student athletes to get a real job to pay for the extra expenses that they need. Also, most of the time coaches will not allow the student athletes to work, because of their conflicting schedules with practice. On average, a student athlete’s day is made up of going to classes, working on out in the gym, going to practice; which leaves not a lot of time to do homework, let alone getting a job. According to USA Today, the NCAA had total revenue of nearly $1 billion during its 2014 fiscal year. The amount of revenues generated by the universities and the NCAA are enough to pay student athletes, with these extra revenues, they should pay back a fair share of what they make to the athletes.
As mentioned by Yankah on his second paragraph, I agree that “these (football and basketball) athletes collectively generate tens if not hundreds of millions of dollars annually for their schools.” Intercollegiate athletics are no longer just a sport, it has turned into a big business. Athletes in these highest-revenue sports rack up huge amounts from television rights, ticket sales, international broadcasts, and product endorsements because of their skills. In my opinion they deserve more compensation than the ...

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...goal. Underclassmen are keen on making the leap to become professional athletes because the graduation rates of college athletes are not very encouraging. With no extra money for these student-athletes, they may also turn to fast (usually illegal) ways to earn money, such example may be to sell drugs. So paying student-athletes might be a way to keep these athletes eligible and safe.
In conclusion, I think student-athletes should get paid for racking up revenue for their universities, the amount of time they spend in their sports, and by paying student-athletes, it may increase their motivation to reach academic success and steering them clear from unsolicited activities. The efforts of student-athletes must be acknowledged because they have given their best effort and countless hours of their time to represent their universities in the best way possible.

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