Student Athletes Should Not Be Banned Essay

Student Athletes Should Not Be Banned Essay

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Student athletes live very busy lives. A typical school day runs from 8:00-2:30, add in a two- hour practice or game, score a part time job, dive into some family time, a grand slam of homework and catch a little bit of sleep. Students are more stressed due to the many activities they are a part of. This issue affects a lot of people not only in this school district, but most other high schools throughout the country. All student athletes exercise more than other children who are not involved in an extracurricular sport. In school athletics, the players are called “student athletes” meaning that school activities come first. There are strict rules for student athletes, not only on the field but in the classroom as well. In physical education classes, the athletes usually participate more because they desire more competition, but some dread going to class because they have practice or a game later that day. In most cases, teams have practice every day they do not play a game. Depending on the sport, the athlete is active for more time than regular students that are not athletes. Because of the strict athletic schedule, student athletes do not have a lot of time to do their homework. If these students had a study block instead of physical education they could do their homework during the day and have less pressure on them after their sporting event later that day. Student athletes should be given the option of having a study block during a gym class because they are more stressed, they are learning athletic qualities through their sport, and they need more time to complete homework.
Student athletes tend to take more challenging classes because they choose to push themselves and are more determined to be accelerated when compared t...

... middle of paper ..., leaving them less stressed after their sporting event when they return home.
Even when people become adults and have a solid career, most people do not have to take work home to complete that night. As adults, they are able to come home from a busy day at work and do what they want to do, whether it is spend time with their loved ones, or to kick back and watch their favorite TV show. Students do not get this luxury as they are given work to take home. This mandatory work prevents the student from having the family time they deserve or to just relax. Athletes usually get even less time as they arrive home later than other students. In conclusion, a study block would be more beneficial for student athletes as they are more stressed, learn teamwork and other important qualities during their sport, and need more time to complete homework during the school day.

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