Student Athlete Attends The University Of Their Choice Essay

Student Athlete Attends The University Of Their Choice Essay

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Four years. That is how long the average student-athlete attends the university of their choice. When searching for the perfect university to further your athletic career many tend to look for the largest schools out there or their are some like me who wanted to play for a small university. No matter the reason you choose the school of your choice, every athlete loves great facilities. Facilities may be expensive but they are what truly draws in the great athletes to that school.
The SEC, PAC 12, ACC, BIG 12 and even the BIG 10 are the conferences that contain the nations top ranking athletic teams. For the National Football League “67.9 percent come from the Power 5”. These universities have nearly a century on Charleston Southern, but they also allow alumni to donate to the athletics. Not only are the teams the best in the country, but so are their multi billion dollar stadiums. Every athlete wants to one day become a professional athlete and the schools that send them to the professional league are the schools with the nicest facilities. This is not because of the facilities personally, but because the greatest athletes are drawn to the stadiums that will one day make them shine. Knowing that you will be attending a school that helps you become seen by the next level pushes someone to become better. As athletes grow so will fans and the money that is given. Facilities are so important ant because of what they represent. They show the strength of the university and they unity of the school with faculty, students, and student-athletes. Being given things like this makes us feel proud to be students at whatever university we attend and makes us push and work harder in everything we do. Many believe growth is a bad thing but when...

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... with such a small school who doesn 't even support their athletics. If we were able to spread this message by helping our very good teams out then they could grow and become nationally ranked allowing us to put our schools name out there. Charleston Southern is a very beautiful university that has a tremendous future if we allow if to grow.
Athletes are at a university to make a name for themselves and in play in stadiums of their dreams. A university allows athletes this opportunity, and the athlete helps by working hard and giving their all to that school just to earn them money. With the building of facilities Charleston Southern will earn more money and more students. Athletics help more than just the athletes they help the entire university and the least the university could do is upgrade their facilities to show their appreciation of their student-athletes.

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