Struggles With An Incarcerated Partner

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Struggles with an Incarcerated Partner Although some people may see maintaining a relationship with an incarcerated partner as beneficial, it is better understood as an emotional rollercoaster for families’ attempting to survive financially, physically and emotionally. Not only are the partners incarcerated, but the women and children are affected the most when trying to maintain that relationship (Cooke, 2014). Pretty much even being associated with someone that is incarcerated can bring some forms of shame to that person’s reputation, but women being with partners that are in prison is part of the US population that seems to be overlooked. Chui (2009) states that when imprisoning a mother or father the only damage that can’t be redone is punishing that innocent child more than the criminal parent. Separation in a relationship between partners or partners and their children can create role confusion. For example, when that partner/parent returns home who does the discipline (the mother/ father that took on that role when the incarcerated partner was gone or does the incarcerated partner continue to take on that role even though they were gone) (Pollum, 2007). Sadly, to say, that a lot of women that have incarcerated men are more likely to be affected by HIV due the sexual activity that goes on with the incarcerated partner (Reznick et al. 2010). There are a lot of aspects that are gone unseen by the world, but this research paper will describe three main take-aways of having an incarcerated partner research, explain some of the limitations, and propose directions for future research. Main Take-Aways with an incarcerated partner Within this research being conducted there is a rise of health status and social needs of women wit... ... middle of paper ... ... Generally, effectiveness hinges upon prudent decision-making, adequate planning, or balancing multiple goals, Scholars have yet to systematically analyze, however, the specific factors that help people “brighten” their relationship or how partners can improve on otherwise “dark” relationship talk tendencies. Conclusion Struggles with an incarcerated partner not only affects the partner, but the women, the kids, and the family due to the negative decision. Discussing this aspect among other people may not be easy, and people might have a shift in perception. Incorporating the various types of relationship to the incarcerated partner can show a point of view that the researchers have missed. Even with a lot of the research, kids having an incarcerated parent showed the negative effect on them, but what if it had a positive effect on them to never go to jail/prison.
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