The Struggles Of The Education Essay

The Struggles Of The Education Essay

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Struggles in Education
School used to be viewed as one of the greatest benefits every person in America received. It isn’t a right. It is a privilege. Students don’t only learn the curriculum that is taught, but they also learn skills that will help throughout all the years of their life. John Holt states, “Find something, dive into it, take the good parts, skip the bad parts, get what you can out of it, go on to something else.” This is something that all students should hear more often. Students test scores are increasing, but the number of students who are finishing school is slowly decreasing. People now frown upon the idea of drilling simple education into students heads at a young age, but being one who was taught using this strategy at a young age and comparing myself to other students who weren’t, I am thankful for it. School is taken for granted by most students. The generation now thinks they deserve everything they are given. Most don’t realize that free education is a great opportunity that should not be taken for granted. Even from the time that I was in elementary school teaching styles have changed. The requirements that state education has put on schools has increased in just a short time. Teachers used to encourage reading and they would have kids discuss their opinion of the book, but now they teach to the tests and push for kids to finish reading as many books as possible in a year whether they understand what is really going on or not. It is impossible to immediately solve every issue that arises in schools. With each problem administrators have to examine all of the possible solutions and pick the one that will have the most positive impact of the learning environment. Two problems now that many schools are fa...

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...he book, put it away, and get another. I don’t care whether the books are easy or hard, short or long, as long as you enjoy them” (Holt 3). This makes it appear that teachers are working harder to increase the students drive to learn, but even Holt himself knows that isn’t the case. He tells the kids that they probably haven’t ever been told that by a teacher in the past.
Education isn’t going in the wrong direction, but their are definitely areas that could be improved to help the overall quality. As dropout rates increase, people need to begin to realize that something has to change to fit the changes in young adults over the years. Neither of these issues will change on their own. It will take the students and the teacher as well as the community to make education the best it can possibly be. It is imperative that we give students the best opportunity they can get.

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