Essay on The Struggles of Life in Literature: Shakespeare, Guest, Chbosky

Essay on The Struggles of Life in Literature: Shakespeare, Guest, Chbosky

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Losing one’s life is clearly a terrible thing, but there is something worse than that; losing faith, happiness, and optimism while still living. When tragedies come into people’s lives it tests their strength and ability to cope with pain. When this occurs, life can change in many ways for the better or for the worse. In some cases it leads to self-destruction, which accompanied by misery that can lead to consequent death. Many popular writers like William Shakespeare, Judith Guest, and Stephen Chbosky created characters who lost their happiness due to disasters that take place. In Hamlet by William Shakespeare, Ordinary People by Judith Guest, and The Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky, the main characters face dilemmas that cause them to lose the will to live, and in the end these dilemmas have impactful changes on their lives.
In The Perks of Being a Wallflower, by Stephen Chbosky the main character named Charlie could not move on from his past, which caused him to start losing his will to live. To begin with, one of the reasons Charlie became a depressed adolescent was the sexual abuse he suffered from his Aunt Helen as a kid. She was always nice to him and gave him gifts, which confused Charlie’s feelings for her. He did not know whether he hated or loved her. For a long time, he blamed his Aunt Helen for all of his pain until he realized it only caused him to have a bleak outlook on life. Charlie writes letters to an unknown friend throughout the whole book and in one of them he said, “It’s like if I blamed my aunt Helen, I would have to blame her dad for hitting her and the friend of the family that fooled around with her when she was little. And the person that fooled around with him. And god for not stopping a...

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... Conrad. In the end he faced an inevitable tragedy.
In conclusion, all of these characters dealt with dilemmas that caused them to lose their will to live. They all became hopeless at one point, and unfortunately not all of them regained their faith in life. Charlie, Conrad, and Hamlet all faced struggles in life which caused them a great depression. Even though painful events like the ones these characters faced are not at all an experience others want to go through, they do come with a great amount of impact. They change peoples lives, tests them, and in the end shape them into different people in positive or negative ways.

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