Essay on The Struggles of Learning a Foreign Language in High School

Essay on The Struggles of Learning a Foreign Language in High School

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I think that the high school students should not be required to study a foreign language. Learning a foreign language can be frustrating, the information is hard to retain, and the lessons are tedious. When I was in middle school, I had to take Spanish as a foreign language to graduate. However, I did pass the class but it was very difficult. Even, after passing the class, I still have a very difficult time reading or understanding someone who is speaking it. I discovered that what I learned was little or no use to me when I tried to use it in the real world. I’m sure, based on my experience, that I’m not the only one that had a problem with learning a foreign language. My friend Michael from middle school said to me “I wish I don’t have a take a foreign language in high school to graduate”. I struggled to learn Spanish and I know a lot of people including my friend Michael who had to retake Spanish numerous times to graduate. So, with that being said, I don’t believe everyone is even capable of learning a foreign language.
People who oppose my opinion would say learning a foreign language is not that hard. The truth is that anyone can learn another language. It just takes dedication and hard work or maybe it’s that you had a bad instructor and you feel like you don’t have an aptitude for learning another language. And, maybe that one language may be hard but another may be easy. Maybe, that’s why it’s not required for you to learn a specific foreign language. You can choose which one you are interested in learning which makes learning easier.
Learning a foreign language should be a personal choice when you are in high school. When I was in high school, I was given an alternative to either take a foreign language ...

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...who speak English. Most of the stores around me are owned and operated by Latinos. Products in the store are now in both English and Spanish, if not all Spanish. By having to learn Spanish this way, kind of reminds me of the metric system. We were supposed to adapt to the metric system. However, we still have not got use to using it. So, I can understand why the U.S. Department of Education are debating whether or not taking a foreign language should be a requirement to graduate in all high schools. Slowly, I believe that in the near future all high schools will make it a mandatory to pass a foreign language class.
I considered the pros and cons and people other points of view and came to the conclusion that learning another language is helpful but it just not that important, if you not going to use it in the future. It should always be a personal choice.

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