The Struggles of Immigant Woman Searching for Employment in Canada Essay

The Struggles of Immigant Woman Searching for Employment in Canada Essay

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Based on the preliminary research I conducted, I have been able to identify two key topic areas that are of interest to me and these include: immigrant women attaining jobs in Ontario and violence experienced by women in Canada. In regard to immigrant women attaining jobs, there are significantly higher unemployment rates and lower wages that they are faced with, in comparison to other immigrant men and Canadian-born men and women. The debate circulating around this issue seeks to answer whether gender, immigrant class, age, ethnicity and sexuality all play a role in an immigrant woman’s ability to be employed (TIEDI, 2010, p.1). Some key questions that have arisen focus on workplace policies and programs that create further disparity within the gender gap, rather than aiding immigrant women who have differing needs in the labour market. Questions posed, seek to find the contributing factors to lower wages and what can be changed in the regulations to create equity (TIEDI, 2010, p.6). As well, a study conducted by Anucha et al. (2006) examines what are the outcomes of immigrant women participating in the economy and how this varies from other males, along with the social impacts of being employed (p.5).
Another topic of interest is the growing amount of violence experienced by women in Canada, specifically among minority women and the LGBTQ community. As noted by Faulkner (2006), homophobic sexist violence has been on the rise and the debate surrounding this issue is the lack of attention being paid to homosexual girls and women. The intersections of race/ethnicity, gender and sexual orientation all determine the type of crime that is perpetrated against the victims but has been ignored by researchers, reducing the complexity of ...

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...recarious, unstable job positions of cleaning attendants, maids or hotel workers (Liladrie, 2010, pp.64-65).
Another area of significant concern, as identified by Guida (2004), is the deskilling of qualified, educated immigrant women who are required to be re-certified under Ontario’s standards in order to find employment (p.142). Previously, when immigrant women entered Ontario they were not offered the opportunity to learn English because of discriminatory gendered policies. Husbands were seen as much more fit for the workforce and the wives as dependents, stripping them of the chance to learn English (Guida, 2004, p.143). Women who were once accountants, teachers or nurses in their home country are now forced to take up meager job positions because of inadequate language courses and a lack of childcare subsidies due to restricting policies (Guida, 2004, p.145).

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